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    I have a problem with uploading videos to YouTube... Hopefully someone who uploads videos frequently knows what I'm talking about.

    I open a video and it starts uploading and the progress bar goes up but then when it gets to the end of the progress bar and "0:00 remaining" it just stays there and never says it successfully upload or saved, it just keeps saying "settings (etc.) will be saved when video is finished uploading". I open another tab in Firefox and go to the "my videos" section (while keeping the other tab still open) and it says "video processing, please wait" and after about an hour of ocassionally refreshing the tab/page and it telling me it's "uploaded, still proccesing" it finally says "failed, upload aborted" even though the page with the progress bar STILL says 0:00 and it's still working. I have this problem mostly with HD videos. Mostly SD videos will usually save succesfully, but on the right-hand side it says "error" even though it uploaded succesfully and had the green box and everything... I'm hoping this all makes sense If someone needs screenshots to know what I'm actually talking about just let me know and I will upload them when I get home from work.

    Thank you in advance!
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    it worked for me
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    I have the problem of it reporting an error, which seems to be pretty common at the moment.

    The settings save and the video seems fine though.

    You might want to try the old upload option without the progress bar.

    That might behave better for the moment.

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    Thank you for the advice and help Katrina and James! Much appreciated!

    I looked up my problem in the YouTube help forums and some say they think it may be a bug in the new version of Flash Player and others suggest it's anti-virus software... Whatever it is - YouTube better fix this problem and quick lol

    Look at all the people and posts with the same problem as me!

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    I had the same problem as James yesterday when I was uploading the new promos for BOT. It got to the end of the upload then it said there was an error, but when I went to 'My Videos' both had uploaded fine. So I don't know what's going on, maybe it's a problem with the error detecting software they have and it's reporting errors when there aren't any?

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