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    Okay so, I'm in a dilemma.

    I have a DVR that is about 4 years old, and knock on wood, it still works! BUT, recently I realized that some DVRs come with hard drives...I'm assuming these are newer DVRs. So I have to record everything straight to DVDs since mine does not have a hard drive. It was not a problem until I started my new job two weeks ago.

    I often don't get to leave when I'm supposed to at night because we're busy and they need my help. (I'm working at a portrait studio now). So last week I didn't get home in time to watch American Idol when it was on. The problem is, I have different DVDs for TEDS and different DVDs for AI. I have to set my DVR for TEDS in the morning before I leave, but then AI comes on and I have no way of recording it.

    I set my timer for both shows and asked my aunt to just switch out the DVDs for me last week when she got home. But I could spend all day telling you how my aunt takes care of the rest of the family and is the glue of my family, and she is literally exhausted and I know asking her to switch out a DVD for me a few nights a week if I'm not home in time is not asking much, but I just don't want to have to ask her to do that every week until the end of May. I just feel bad asking her to do one more thing than she already has to do.

    So if I had a DVR with a hard drive, I could just record everything to a hard drive and then burn it to a disc later. So I'm asking, should I maybe invest in one of those and keep my old DVR too since it's working fine? Or does anyone know of anything I have not thought of yet? Of course I hate to invest in something like that because I'm supposed to be saving my money, but I have to be able to record AI because Ellen is on it now. If I knew I would be home in time to switch out the DVDs myself it would not be a problem, but I don't have any control over that anymore.

    Also, if buying a new DVR with a hard drive built in is my only option, anyone know where I can get the best deal on one?

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    You will want to research what a DVR will and won't support in terms of burning to DVD's.

    I expect most of them create a copy protected video that might only play on one player or computer.

    Something you could do as long as your current one works is to record on a hard drive based DVR and then record from it onto your old DVR. The quality might be a little lower, but it likely wouldn't be noticeable if you only rerecord a show once.

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    I have exactly that, a DVD recorder that comes with a 160gb hard drive. It's so much easier than just having a DVD recorder, because like you said it's not always possible to switch DVD's, but it's also great being able to record whatever you want and then to delete it after if you don't need to keep it. I used to have a regular DVD recorder before, but I used to find DVD-RW discs didn't last that long because the quality goes, so I used to end up wasting a lot of regular DVD's recording stuff I wanted to see, but didn't really want to keep.

    Mine is Sony, which has really good picture and sound quality. You can adjust it to record in HQ right the way down to SLP, I usually record in LP for general use which gives me about 130 hours of recording time, I record Ellen in SP which is slightly better quality. It's then really easy to transfer what I want to DVD when I have the time. It's also good because you can edit stuff too before you record it to disc, like blocking out the commercial breaks etc

    I would definitely keep your DVR though, it's always good to have a backup

    Hope that helps a little

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    First of all. I wasn`t aware they still sold DVR`s with a hard drive that records directly to DVD.
    For me, I`ve got the DVR that you can get through our local cable company. I`m able to record on one tuner then switch to the other tuner to be able to record two shows at once. I`m doing this quite often when Idol is on now.
    The only problem for me, I have to record on VHS then transfer it on to DVD. If there`s one I can record directly on to DVD and record on two channels at once, I`ll look into it.
    I know the new DVR`s through comcast can be hooked up directly to your computer but I don`t anybody that can do this for me.

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    Okay, I've checked at the only three places in my town that would sell DVRs with hard drives built in, and no one has them, so I'm forced to look online.

    Anyone know of any good places to find some at decent prices, probably no more than $300. I don't want something I have to subscribe to like Tivo, just a regular DVR with a hard drive. I found what looks like a good one.

    I have a Philips that records straight to DVD and I've had it for over four years and it works great *knock on wood* LOL!!

    Anyone know of any good places to look online?

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    My DVRs is a Samsung. I bought it like a couple of years ago and never got a problem.

    It has 320go which is like a hundred hours to record. It has an USB device I use all the time, I just put my movies, Ellen show or anything from my PC to the USB key and plug it in my DVDR and it plays it on my TV.
    And it's very easy to burn recorded program on a DVD.

    Here it is :

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