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Thread: How to make an animated picture (gif file)

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    Default How to make an animated picture (gif file)

    How to make an animated picture (gif file)

    What you need
    • at least some computer skills
    • a computer
    • a short video segment [avi format] (not longer than 5 seconds)
    • Ulead gif Animator 5
    • Open Ulead gif Animator
    • Click “File” ------ click “Open video”
    • choose the video you want to use

    • Now the program imports the video
    That should look like this

    • Now you can/have to resize the image
    • Click “Edit”----- click “resize image”

    • When you did so, you can play the animation to see how it looks like

    • To finish your work you have go to “File” ----“save as”----“gif file”

    • When everything worked for ya then smile and say thank you to the person who gave you this tutorial
    • To upload your picture check out this thread
    • For more information
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    thanks for the info!

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