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Thread: Old Clips of Portia

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    Forgive me if there's an existing thread for this already, but I saw this old clip of Portia from Brewka's site. It was 1994, and I guess it's a promotional TV appearance for Sirens. I'm enjoying her Aussie accent and I was wondering if anyone can share more old clips of her from that era.

    So cute, I kinda wish she would reprise that accent in one of her future projects

    Just learned that Red Faces is a segment of the TV show Hey Hey It's Saturday, looks like a really fun show
    Seriously... I'm Kidd

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    I don't have any threads that I have flagged as being about Portia covering this sort of thing.

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    Question old clips of portia

    Hi, do you guys have the youtube link of Portia's Jimmy Fallon the whole interview?

    And I can't find anymore the youtube clip which Ellen answered in one of her interviews about what they were getting each other for anniversary gift that year. (Ellen gave Portia a ring and Portia gave Ellen some sort of bracelet)
    If you guys still have that clip, i would like to have the link as well.
    Thanks in advance.

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