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Thread: e&p to celebrate anniversary in sydney?

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    Default e&p to celebrate anniversary in sydney?

    Just saw dailymail are reporting e&p will celebrate their anniversary in august in Sydney. Is that true?? I'm on my phone so can't post link. Feel free to move elsewhere if already being discussed.
    Hope its true!!

    EDIT - Here is the link -
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    They always pick good pics for these articles

    I wouldn't be surprised if they took another trip to Australia! I'm sure Portia didn't get the chance to show Ellen as much of her home country as she would halve liked during their short visit for the show last year, but I'm not sure about them renewing their vows! Somehow it doesn't sound like the kind of showy thing they would do, especially for that reason! I think if it was their 10th anniversary it might be more believable, but it just seems a bit random to me, but then OK! aren't the most reliable of sources!

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    It is something like the tenth year they have been together, which might be a consideration.

    Still, that is really close to Ellen starting a new season on her show and I wonder if they would plan something that big so close to that.

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    And what about Portias new aus movie - Now add honey. I wonder if its going to premiere around then?
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    I would think it unlikely as well. It seems kinda silly to renew after only 6 years. That is more like a 10 or 20 year. I can even see doing something at 5 years, but not 6.. Plus, James is right. Her show will be starting not long after. I think someone has decided to put nice rumors out there about them, instead of the ugly ones we've been reading.
    That said, if they do this, I think it would be more for show. Which would be disappointing, seems they would be doing it mainly because of the rumors.
    Still, I do hope they go to Oz. Just because they can. I would love go to Australia sooo jealous
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