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Thread: Ellen and Portia are arguing about kids

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    Default Ellen and Portia are arguing about kids

    Ellen DeGeneres' baby row

    Newlywed couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are reportedly arguing about whether to have a baby.

    (BANG) -
    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are arguing about whether to have a baby.
    The couple - who married in an intimate ceremony last month - are said to be fighting about the prospect of starting a family.
    Talk show host Ellen is reportedly determined to become a mom but Portia is less keen because she would be the one carrying the child.
    A source said: "Ellen wants Portia to get pregnant, an idea they had both ruled out before the wedding. Portia feels the baby issue has been decided and she is very upset.
    "But Ellen has gotten all goofy over the baby issue. She has been in tears trying to get Portia to reconsider. Now the situation is very tense."
    Ellen, 50, reportedly agreed to not having a child with the intention of change 35-year-old Portia's mind following the wedding.
    The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: "Ellen always said, 'First marriage, then kids.' She said no to a baby before because she wasn't settled. But Ellen was sure everything would fall naturally into place after she gave Portia her dream wedding.
    "Now Ellen has got the baby itch again - in a bad way. But Portia won't budge. So Ellen is sobbing to friends she feels like the air has been let out of her sails. Ellen should be on top of the world, but instead she is heartbroken."
    (C) BANG Media International

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    That is such a load of crap!!

    Okay, I'm gonna say something else about this now. Ellen is 50. If they are not going to adopt a child, then Portia carrying the child would be the only logical choice, really, and Portia has to know that, I mean, c'mon!! Ellen is physically probably too old to carry A child. These people just need something write about because Britney or Lindsay didn't do anything drastic this weekend!!
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    I got this news as a google alert and I must say that I dont believe that.

    They talked about having kids a long time now and I dont think that Ellen puts on precher on Portia to have a Baby .
    "I dont know how I could find a better fit...we where destined to be together..She is amazing "- Ellen about Portia

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    "The source added to the National Enquirer magazine"............. i think that says it all!
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    That same report has been running around for ages.

    I'm sure with a bit of digging I could find several different ones that have been posted here.

    I think I would consider it a lie.

    Their talking about it in interviews sounds like it is just something that they go back and forth on, not something that they fight about.

    Their source is no doubt someone living on a small island in the Caribbean that once saw a clip of Ellen doing stand-up, which naturally means that they know everything about what is going on with them.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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    If i remember right the UK National Enquirer had them splitting up when they had all that controversy over the dog they adopted that was crap as well

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    Yeah, so did Star magazine and National Enquirer in the U.S. too. The only thing different about this story is that they added in the fact that they got married last month. The rest of the story is identical to all the rest that have been written for the past few years.

    Don't believe it!!

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    Ellen just said on the show or in the interview with Mario Lopez (can't remember exactly) a couple of days ago that they "thought about kids" but not for them. It's nonsense to report that they are arguing over this. They are both mature adults who have been in a long term relationship and know by now how they feel about having kids.

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    I think it's just sad that publications have nothing better to do with their time than drag people through the mud.........if they are trying for sensationalism they are not getting it with this story!! Honorable agencies get their facts straight before they publicize.

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    Am I horrible for laughing? I mean, come on...that last line, "Ellen should be on top of the world, but instead she is heartbroken." Yea, she sure looked heartbroken sharing those videos of their wedding and their vacation or anytime that her marriage has been mentioned, even for only a few seconds.

    ..I smell bullpoo.
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