Does anyone have this clip that was put on Ellen's website around the time of Nemo, or shortly thereafter? It was just her in a room, riffing a ton about fish and the movie.
One of the lines was "Fish just wanna have fun. That's why they eat their food so fast." And something about not flushing the fish, and whatnot? I'd kill to have that clip again, lost it some time ago and all the friends I had sent it to don't have it anymore either.
It was just pure comedy gold, I miss it. Anyone else just remember it at least?

I might beg Warner/et al to see if they have it in their own digital archives. I mean, it was that funny!

As a sidenote, I haven't been here in almost ten years, wow. Just got a happy birthday reminder out the blue and it brought me back here. Have a good one, everybody.