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Thread: Ellen in DIVA: Digging Degeneres - Why Ellen Rules

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    Default Ellen in DIVA: Digging Degeneres - Why Ellen Rules

    She’s garnered an armful of awards for her blockbusting TV chatshow, she’s officially joined the Hollywood A-list and her circle of friends includes Bill Clinton and Sharon Stone. Where did it all go right for Ellen DeGeneres, asks JOANNA WALTERS.

    Ellen DeGeneres is the most important lesbian in America.

    Not that she is heading up gay rights marches or snuggling her girlfriend in front of the President, as she did in the (good?) old days with then-partner Anne Heche.

    Quite the opposite for this most reluctant poster dyke.

    But her fledgling daytime television chat show has rocketed to such unexpected success in the US that she’s being showered with awards and her face is broadcast into 1.5 million American living rooms every weekday.


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    Who says you can't be in 1.5 million places at once? Ellen can. That is so cool!!!

    Although she isn't a water reservoir, like that article keeps on insisting.

    She is "our" Ellen.
    She's a sister, daughter, lover,
    dancer, laugher, listener,
    hoper, do-er, talker,
    a good card player,
    entertainer, gardener, actress,
    well dressed,
    her smile is the best,
    her eyes sparkle and shine,
    she likes red and white wine
    she cares, she shares,
    she's there, she's here,
    Watch her DVD's read her book,
    she's everywhere if you look.
    Kate Bigalk

    legalize gay marriage petition

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