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Thread: Pics of the Day - 7/17/08

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    Default Pics of the Day - 7/17/08

    Ellen: "Uh oh! Is that glitter I see on the top of the Emmy? Since when did they start doing that? Oh no they didn't!! Oh no, this means it's on my lips now!!! Oh well, Portia doesn't mind glitter...she can help me get it off!!!"
    Once again...those eyes...gorgeous!!!

    Ellen: "You see my body? It's in the shape of an 'S'. That stands for 'straddle' the coffee table...not 'straddle' Ellen DeGeneres...yeah, that's right, Chris Matthews!!! I don't think I need to do a re-cap for y'all on that one!!"

    Ellen: "Fish are friends, not food? Yeah right!! I saw that fin sticking out of the water a few minutes ago waaaaaaaaay over there! I don't care if it WAS just a killer whale! If someone else wants to free Willy, go ahead...I'm getting back in the boat!!"

    Ellen: "I really hope that's Nancy this time!! Gosh, how many times can I embarass myself? I guess not enough!!! Because I think that's Kathy actually!!"

    Ellen: "I believe they say your shoes should match your belt, but I need something to look back on 15 years from now and laugh at, so you know what? Take a picture of me with my white shoes on and my brown belt and like it!!"

    Portia: "What did you say El?"
    Ellen: "I didn't say anything."
    Portia: "Oh, I thought I heard you say you wanted to the Cheesy Tower of Pizza!!"
    Ellen: "No honey, I said I wanted to go to the Leaning Tower of you still have water in your ears from our scuba diving excursion?"
    Portia: "I must. But hey, you know pizza does sound good!"
    Ellen: "And we're in Italy...we might as well get some!!"
    Portia: "With pepporoni and sausage?"
    Ellen: "Honey, if we're going to eat pizza in Italy, we have to do it right...just lots and lots of cheese!!"

    Ellen: "Hurry, they're giving away free fans up here!!"
    Portia: "You had me going! I thought you were running to get free ice cream or something!!"
    Ellen: "No, but I'm sending them a letter...what kind of establishment is this that doesn't give out ice cream on the red carpet? I mean, we need something to keep us cool out here in the damn heat!"
    Portia: "Or least give out some vodka or something!!"
    Ellen: "On the rocks, yes! That would keep us cool just as well!! See, once again I have to think of everything around here!!"

    Ellen: "Portia, they're towing our car!!!"
    Portia: "I don't understand, the sign we could park there from 9-4 and it's only 4:05!"
    Ellen: "Damn, I wish I had a pair of Ellen underwear to give the cop!! Bribery always works good when there's Ellen underwear involved!!"
    Portia: "Why don't you just the cop a trip or a cruise or something!!"
    Ellen: "Good idea, we're going to Orlando soon, I wonder if she likes to ride The Hulk!!"

    Portia: "Ellen, John Stewart is doing a great job, but you were awesome hosting the Oscars last year!!"
    Ellen: "Thank you! I would have done it again, but I wasn't asked. Maybe one day I'll be asked again...for now, I'll just enjoy being mentally awake at the after party!"

    Portia: "Oh, there they are again!"
    Ellen: "Big surprise!!"
    Portia: "I wonder what it must be like to hide in the bushes all day taking pictures of people!!"
    Ellen: "Well, we could camp out in our backyard tonight and take pictures of the three cats and two dogs, AKA our bed hogs, from outside our bedroom window."
    Portia: "Um no, I don't want to know that bad! I'd rather wake up under covers instead of leaves!!"
    Ellen: "Whatever floats your boat...or pool floaties in our case!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcsced View Post

    Aaawwwww, just love that pic. Portia often has her arm over Ellen like that doesn't she.

    Thanks for the pics Nicole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dancingqueen View Post
    Aaawwwww, just love that pic. Portia often has her arm over Ellen like that doesn't she.

    Thanks for the pics Nicole.
    Probably because Portia is taller than Ellen

    I'm kidding: I know that Ellen said they are same size

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    I love that pic too with portia's arm around ellen...too sweet

    Thank you for sharing

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    Thanks for the pics Nicole! Great Job!

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    awesome comments and pictures Nicole thanks so much

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    loooove the pictures!! awesome job. thank you so much
    kristen! *

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    Default Pic of the day

    Thanks once again Nicole for pics and comments.
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