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    Hey everyone!

    I don't think Ellen's old comedy CD "Taste This" has been available on iTunes before in the past, but I haven't been on there in a while so I'm not sure, but for those of you who may not have it and have been looking for it, it's available on iTunes now for $9.99.

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    Thanks, I had a look and it's also available on the UK store.
    Regular price is 7.99 but if I'm looking at this right there is a deal for 4.83
    I actually prefer to listen to Taste This than watching the HBO specials

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    Thanks for the heads up about that, Nicole!

    I just had a look and it is listed as $16.99 AUD. I am heading back over to the US in May, and the Aussie dollar has actually moved above the US dollar, so I will just wait til I am there to buy it I've never heard it before!

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