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Thread: threads of 100 pages with little to say...

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    Quote Originally Posted by st17ar
    and I suppose forming a thread about who,what,where and how people take a crap is something meaningful to say!!!!
    well...i don't think the extent of the topics meaning is the problem laooo is trying to address. the topic at hand that you are refering too was placed in the proper category (Ellen and the rest of the world) that everyone can relate to and post about, with humorous intentions. And it created conversation amongst people, that didn't consist of one word answers.....i'm just saying..... :?
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    Keep the threads!

    I haven't (I don't think) contributed to one of the MegaThreads, but I don't see that they do any harm.

    Surely the point of Boards like this is so that people from around the world with a common interest can get together and chew the cud. I think that it's great that this is a space where people can do that. Other boards, particularly MEIN, have a number of threads where people regularly post much about nothing. I don't have time to do that, but if others do, good for them. No, it's not gripping reading, but so what?

    If the threads were offensive, or sucked up space on the server, then laooo would have a point. Otherwise, leave them be.

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