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    About a two months ago I met a woman on Gaydar Girls she said she wanted to get to know me and we meet up and went to see a film. I got the impression she didn't like me that much, she didn't really want to speak to me much afterwards and when I asked her if she wanted to go out again she said yes and told me we could go out in a couple of weeks but we never did. We chatted a bit but she seemed half hearted and sometimes she would just log off in the middle of chatting so I just decided she didn't want to know.

    On Sunday when I logged on to MSN she was online and started chatting to me and being really friendly and flirty, she asked me to come round her house this week and she said she would cook, I agreed to go on Friday. When I logged on, on Monday she was the same and then she asked me if I would go out with her and her friend at the end of the month when her friend gets back from uni, I said yes but then she told me her friend had just split from her girlfriend and I realised she was chatting to her online at the sametime as she was chatting to me. I started to think and I rememberd her ex went to the same uni as this friend of hers and I am sure this friend is her ex. I think she is trying to use me to make her ex jealous.

    Do you think thats what shes doing?
    How do I get out of going to her house on Friday?

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    Just ask her if you think she is trying to use u to make her ex jealous.
    And if you don't want to go friday to her house just say you realy need to do something else something realy important... I had it once with a girl. She always said she wanted to do something and just an hour before I wanted to leave the house to go to our meating point she send a message she can't come because she drunk too much the day before and stuff... But after 3 thimes I was realy angry with her because I knew she lied and I feld it the way she spoke... Now I don't see her anymore...

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