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    Exclamation Animal rescue

    I just registered onto this website today, so I'm unsure as to what I'm supposed to post where, but I wanted to bring this story to the attention of someone or something who might have contact with Ellen. Knowing her deep love for animals, I feel she would appreciate this. I live in Louisville, KY and just watched the saddest yet sweetest news story about an abandoned horse. The horse was found on the side of the road in some rural area covered in mud and literally wasting away. The horse was over 200 lb underweight and had several areas on its body comparable to bedsores on humans. Sooo sad, but don't worry I'm getting to the sweet part. An angel named Nicole Baker has taken this horse under her healing wing (her husband is actually the one who found it) and is nursing the beauty back to health. They've appropriately dubbed the horse "Second Chance" as it is being given pencillin shots, food, water, a nice warm garage filled with hay, and above all, LOVE. Second Chance's status is still on shaky ground, but I've got my fingers crossed for the success of this wonderful rescue mission, and I know Ellen would too. I don't know Nicole, but if I think it's safe to say there should be more people in the world just like her! Just wanted to get the word out!!

    In animal peace and love

    (I don't have any pics or video but the story was on our local Wave 3 News if you want to learn more)

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    oh this is so sad but i am glad that Nicole Baker's husband had found it and now that Nicole is nursing it back to health. I hope everything works out and that the horse gets better really soon.

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    Do keep in mind that this is an unofficial fan site and while there is some indication that a few people associated with the show do read stuff here from time to time, you might want to send that through Ellen's official web site...
    Ellen's Official Contact Page

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