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Thread: Alexandra - New Works & Video

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    Thanks for sharing that.

    She sounds like an amazing lady.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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    Default Anne Pregnant?

    Quote Originally Posted by DGenX View Post
    since we got a thread on Ellen's Exes, anyone got news on anne?
    well I was watching E! News, and they reported that Anne maybe pregnant. Don't know about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mag!x View Post
    Thank you for the link, i've been waiting for this moment. Alex is such an inspiring photographer for me, i can't wait to see the rest of the collection, which probably will come here:

    Thanx again for the link!
    Catalogue is up on site as mentoined above, great new work!!
    Love J*Aph
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    Ooo tat's really cool.

    Thanxx for the update Mag!x.

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    Went to Alexandra's exhibit ..."Ithaka" NYC today. Absolutely amazing pictues. That girl has so much talent!!!

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    anybody in the LA area, Alex is having her exhibit in Santa Monica this Saturday from 7-10 pm.

    Frank Pictures Gallery
    2525 Michigan Avenue Gallery
    Santa Monica, California

    So far, as I know it, I'm her only fan going from her website. And this is my biggest fear, is going alone.
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    Bit late on catching up on this post, but hope you enjoyed the exhibition of Alex's photos. If it was on in October this year at Santa Monica.... I would certainly try and go.
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