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Thread: Oxygen + Ellen

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    welcome labrat and good luck on your crusade's peoples

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    Quote Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
    Thank you for posting this thread. I, too, depended on Oxygen because TEDS often gets pre-empted on my local station. I emailed Oxygen a month or so ago and used your link to do so again.

    P.S. I have been a lurker for a really, really long time and feel that I already know a lot of you! I really enjoy your discussions and Ellen news.
    Welcome lab rat!

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    Thank you for all the "welcomes"! You really are a great group of people.
    (Please note that my computer skills are just a tad bit better than Ellen's, so if I do something wrong, please tell me!)

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    hey, welcome lab rat! good to have ya here! and thanks for emailing them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana75 View Post
    Geesh. One Tyra show is plenty.
    your telling me.. tyra is on TWICE a day on the main cable channels.. twice! not even counting her being on oxygen.. gosh.

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    could be better

    Default Oxygen is owned by Oprah...

    Maybe the reason Oxygen has got rid of Ellen is because it is owned by Oprah. Maybe Oprah is feeling a little bit threatened by Ellens popularity.

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    I'm a freshman in college and Ellen comes on at 3 p.m. here..My classes usually don't let out until 3:50 so i end up missing her show. When i found out Oxygen wasn't airing it anymore i was so freakin mad. I rely on that network alot..haha I think Tyra is cool and all, but really..Who could replace a fun, loving person like Ellen to Tyra, who is one minute saying " You all can kiss my big fat ass" and on America's next top model saying " You do need to watch your weight" haha

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    I'm posting again to encourage people to please write to Oxygen. I just missed another TEDS because of audio problems from my cable provider. (All other 69 channels had sound...but no... not the one that had TEDS grrrr!)

    moon1: As soon as Oxygen moved TEDS to later and later time slots, I thought about the Oprah connection.

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    Welcome Lab Rat

    I don't have Oxygen, but are you talking about emailing them about TEDS or Ellen the sitcom?

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    I think it would be TEDS.

    They used to run the shows just about a week after they originally aired. That was a nice back-up if the normal broadcast was disrupted due to weather or a news break.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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