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Thread: Spoilers?

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    Most people who come here know that within those threads there are spoilers. If they haven't seen the show already, and those that don't realise that soon learn, they make the choice themselves whether they read them or not.

    In my own opinion its a good idea to have those threads because of the people on the board who don't get to see the shows at all unless on here, and so see what the kind hearted souls around this board provide for them to see from pictures and discussions of what went on. I don't try the Megaload stuff anymore cos I can never get it to work for me.
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    I watched the Halloween show being produced on the web camera and I don't think it spoiled the show at all.

    A lot of things on the web camera thread is speculation since we can't hear what is being said and often can't see what is going on since the view is limited. I think it made me want to see the show more than I might have otherwise.

    I certainly don't want to do anything to spoil the show for anyone. It is too good a show to have someone ruin the experience.

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    Well, that's the thing. A lot of people seem to be worrying about spoiling others, but so far no-one seems particularly worried about being spoiled. I for one, and only speaking for myself, LOVE spoilers. I wanna be prepared. I to it with TEDS, and all other TV-shows I watch, I will literally record a show and then wait to watch it until I've found a decent recap who can tell me what happens. It heightens the experience for me. I've also been known to read the endings of books so I can then relax and enjoy the book, instead of having to worry about what's gonna happen.

    My point (and I do have one - sorry, couldn't resist) is that if no-one here considers it a bad thing to be spoiled (and so far no-one has) then everyone else can just stop worrying about spoiling us and go ahead and post spoilers all over the place!
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    I vote yes, even though I get to watch the show every day! I know if I couldn't see the show every day, I would want to find out as much about it the best way I could!!

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    I voted yes, even though i'm a day behind you guys. But I think it would be good if there was a spoiler to actually title the thread with the word spoiler so for those that don't want to find out before they don't have to.

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    I don't look at the thread until AFTER the show. Its just a choice you have to make. Its very hard NOT to avoid that, as I did on the Halloween thread. But when I saw the show, I still lost my lung from laughing so hard. But since I don't see the show until 3pm, I just wait on the threads until after the show... discipline is very hard for me...

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    I said yes to the spoilers too. I like to come to the forum and see if someone has seen something on the show that i may have missed when i watch the first time, then i cna go back and see what i missed, like a portia spotting or something similar. People have the option to read the forum before they see the show. But thats just my opinion.

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    i voted yes, because i know if i couldnt be able to watch teds everyday i'd do anything to get to know and see as much as i could so yes there should spoilers, they dont even spoil the show for me.

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    Definitely yes from me.........only cause of all of you guys(amazing) i'm able to know more about Ellen & keep on, keeping on.

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    should spoilers be allowed?
    i can't watch the show over here - unless i count the internet -
    so everything i can find is great! the more spoilers the better

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