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Thread: Soda Head Favorite Talk Show/Host VOTE

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    Default Soda Head Favorite Talk Show/Host VOTE

    Favorite Talk Show Host

    Favorite Talk Show

    You have to sign in to answer but its not like a huge process... or you have to wait for an email verification... just thought it would be fun to vote for our girl! You can leave comments too after you come up with a nickname and a password, its pretty easy and fun polls to vote on, but these two caught my eye!

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    thanks susan . I just voted . Ellen is way ahead of all others.
    "I dont know how I could find a better fit...we where destined to be together..She is amazing "- Ellen about Portia

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    Thanks for the links!

    Ellen is at 56%, and the show is at 70%

    Just as it should be!

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