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Thread: Question on Standby/Day Of Tickets!!

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    Default Question on Standby/Day Of Tickets!!

    Hi! Hopefully someone can answer my question...

    I want to attend the March 17 showing, but don't have any tickets.

    What time should I show up to get a standby/day of ticket? And does that mean I'll be in the Riff Raff Room for sure?

    And by my understanding, I can only get into the main audience if someone with confirmed seats doesn't show up?

    please help out the noobie

    <3 stephiee

    oh hai~~ *face fills with happiness*

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    I would think that they tell you the time when you call the same day ticket number.

    Taping times vary some depending on circumstances.

    They make every effort to not turn people away, so if you do get in, you should at least make the Riff-Raff room.

    Being early does matter, but not as much as it used to. I don't think people are staying overnight or showing up at 4 am any more. They will try to get you tickets for another show if you do end up in the Riff-Raff room.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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