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Thread: 2009 People choice awards

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    Quote Originally Posted by bludflygrl View Post
    I just want to say thank you to everyone for posting the pics. E & P are beautiful as always...

    Sidenote....I just want to comment about someone being too slow to watch Nip/Tuck. Not everyone has the pleasure of having all the cable channels. I know for a fact a certain person cannot watch Nip/Tuck, which is one of their fav shows. Therefore, I am taping each episode for this person and sending it to them. I am not trying to offend anyone or defend anyone else's actions, but some times peeps on here always say they are gonna leave and get upset over virtually nothing.Face it we can't stay away from this place!! It's addictive!!!!!!
    No offense 24sharks, but the person you told to shove it is a good friend of mine. She is a sweetheart, she was upset cos she avoids the Nip/Tuck thread. She is strong on not knowing what's going on until she sees it. We don't discuss the show til after she has seen it. The other person involved has obviously been offended before, in fact I know she has as I have read her posts. She is a true Ellen fan, and has every right to be here and to post. She is very informative and seems very kind herself. However, there is a reason threads are started, and too any times it seems peeps just post anywhere coz they don't wanna take the time to look it up. Or we brain fart coz we are so excited to post. We're like guys on prom night we just wanna get it out and put it anywhere. Actually, it's bad because people that wanna know, that would look to a thread for info, wouldn't see it. We all get pissed from time to time. I have worn the Scarlet letter of being banned. So, take it from one who in the past has let her temper get the better of her. Can we please not tell each other to shove it, and try to post in the right place, and just come here to love and support Ellen and Portia. I know we become friends, lovers, and sometimes enemies, but let's not forget our common reason for being here. ELLEN AND PORTIA..and presidential politics sorry I couldn't resist

    LOL. reread what I wrote exactly, I never told anyone to shove it. Respectfully, I think you are a good friend for defending your friend and taping the episodes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24sharks View Post
    Don't apologize for ruining anything! Seriously they would have found out sooner or later that Portia wasn't in the episode. Respond to what you want, start your own threads, comment on things before anyone else knows, do what YOU want. Just because someone is slow at watching Nip/Tuck and wanted to bash you doesnt mean you have to stop. Tell them where to shove it.

    They should apologize for being a baby.

    24sharks LOL. reread what I wrote exactly, I never told anyone to shove it. Respectfully, I think you are a good friend for defending your friend and taping the episodes.
    LOL! OK>>You said tell them "where to shove it"! Hehe that is pretty much the same thing where I come from.
    Thanks for telling me I am a good friend tho..

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