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Thread: Anne Heche talking on The Late Late Show

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    Default Anne Heche talking on The Late Late Show

    Here's a clip I found of Anne talking to Craig Ferguson on his late night talk show. They talk about her being a lesbian. I wonder why they never mentioned Ellen's name.

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    I imagine because that was quite a while afterward, the interview was primarily about her show, she had been married, separated, and run off with a guy, so she had moved on and that was just not a major subject by this point.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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    Anne is Anna I very really pay any mind to anne.Anna moved on she has tow kind Anne had to find her self it's very sad what she did to Ellen .Ellen happy now she married to Portia they are happy in love.

    Ellen marreid to amazing women portia they are happy .
    Ellen DeGeneres is one of a kind Portia is one of a kind

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