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Thread: Pics of the Day - 9/7/09

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    Default Pics of the Day - 9/7/09

    Pics of the Day - 9/7/09

    Ellen: "No, you can't see my naughty list!! But I'll give you a hint at who is at the top of the list...he's from England, he DJs for me every day, and he likes to do everything in the nude!"

    Ellen: "Everybody put your hands in the air, c'mon and do the Wave! Oh, no one does that anymore? Okay then, the nominees are..."

    Ellen: "Portia, look into my eyes!"
    Portia: "They're beautiful honey!"
    Ellen: "No, you have some makeup that is cracking on the side of your eye."
    Portia: "What a way to kill a moment, Ellen."
    Ellen: "Well, you need someone to point these things out to you, and who better than your wife!"
    Portia: "Ah yes, my sweet, supportive, HONEST wife!"
    Ellen: "Well you don't wanna look like a clown, do you?"
    Portia: "Why not? I live with a clown...why not dress the part?!!"

    Ellen: "Portia, get your hand out of my back pocket!"
    Portia: "But honey, I know your iPhone is around here somewhere...I just had it!"
    Ellen: "And you think of all places, it would be in my back pocket?!!"
    Portia: "Well, it's a possibility!"
    Ellen: "Um, I think you kinda made that a pile of fiction when you took it away from me!!"
    Portia: "Oh honey, it was all in good fun!"
    Ellen: "Yeah, it's been loads of fun watching you use it for the last two years!!"
    Portia: "I'm glad I could provide you with some fun baby. But if you want to have some more fun watching me use it, help me find it!!"

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    "He likes to do everything in the nude!" OMG, but who is that guy... I don't know! Nicole, you are a clown, thanks ( Small detail, I like the photo of Ellen dressed as a clown available on the site, you should try the same clothes and make-up! )

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    Thank you, for the pictures. Like all the pictures, and the captions.

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    Dont get mad, but Ellens pants have to go...

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    Nicole, the iphone story is a riot. You just kill me

    Portia: "Why not? I live with a clown...why not dress the part?!!" lol

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    Thanks for the pics Nicole, as awesome as ever

    I love that pic from the 2007 DEs, I don't know any other couple who look at each other the way they do

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    Everyday I am happy to get on this page and see the new pictures.

    Today I want to say: THANK YOU Nicole.

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    These are great. I love it how you keep razzing Ellen because she doesn`t know how to use the cell phone. Thanks for my daily laugh.

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