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Thread: Pics of the Day - 10/30/08

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    Default Pics of the Day - 10/30/08

    Ellen: "I hope the people who keep track of the archives around here still have my yogurt PSA from Season 3....if I have to do another new PSA any time soon, I'm going to freak my freaking freak!!

    Ellen: "Hmmm, do you happen to have any Hanky Pankies? These are not quite my style...well, neither are the Hank Pankie, but um....yeah, these just aren't my style!!"

    Ellen: "They're walking away from me...I guess they didn't think I was funny. The french guy laughed...even though he didn't understand a word I said!! I'll make 'em laugh...hey, Portia, Criag, is your refrigerator running?"

    Ellen: "Hey Portia, look at those poles over there!! Let's go buy a basket and some apples and play Aw Snap!"
    Portia: "No, there's a doughnut shop over there...let's play Doughnuts for Dough!!"
    Ellen: "Ohhhhh no you didn't!!!"
    Portia: "Or we could just buy one and eat it."
    Ellen: "Jelly filled?"
    Portia: "No, custard."
    Ellen: "Sounds good to me!!"

    Portia: "That was a lot of fun!"
    Ellen: "Yeah, a day at the spa always cheers me up!!"
    Portia: "What about that shoulder massage?"
    Ellen: "Well, I wouldn't were too busy giving the hose man one instead of me!!"
    Portia: "Hey, he gave us a discount, didn't he?"
    Ellen: "Yeah."
    Portia: "Then quit complaining!! I'll get to you later!!"

    Portia: "Isn't this great? My mama is here, your mama is here..."
    Ellen: "Our doggies are here...."
    Portia: "I still can't believe the cats had a prior engagement to go to though!!"
    Ellen: "Well, I guess when you're a cat, there's nothing more important than free cat nip with the purchase of three bags of Halo at the pet store! I bet they're buying the place out!!"

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    Portia looks like a princess the wedding pics are so nice

    Thank you for sharing great as always

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    second pic: Wonder if that's why she created Ellen-underwear?!

    Great pics again, love the wedding pics!
    Love J*Aph
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    Man Ellen and Portia look so adorable in their wedding gear... I just love what they did with Portias hair...

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    I just love the wedding pics. And I have never seen the fourth pic before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnastasiaBeavrhausen View Post
    Man Ellen and Portia look so adorable in their wedding gear... I just love what they did with Portias hair...
    I love Portia's hair from the wedding too!! I'm not just saying this because it was her wedding day, but I thought she looked the most beautiful I have ever seen her!! I like almost any hairdo on her...except a big bun on top.

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