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    Default Question for you ...

    Hey everyone!

    So i have a question for you...(well for some of you )
    Here's the thing i read a blog earlier today, and there had a post i thought was interesting ... Then i asked my gf if she thought it could be right and well to make things short, we decided to ask you and see what you think!

    Here's the link to said post :

    Basically the question is : Do you think the time you know you are gay affects whether you are butch or femme? (or which ever label you would label yourself into; even if i don't like those labels lol)

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    Na, I have always been myself. I don't like the labels "butch or femme", personally they just confuse me.

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    I'm not a fan of Labels,personally.I Really only dress for me.

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    Interesting question

    I've never liked labels, I think it's a shame that some people aren't happy unless they can catergorise other people a certain way, but unfortunately it's something that happens all too often. People are who they are, whatever that is.

    I didn't change, I've always been the same, even before I realised I was gay, I'm sure I would have been the same if I'd realised I was straight. I don't think your sexuality defines who you are, it's just another part of what makes up the whole you

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    I dont like labels either, but i do believe there is a type for everyone that they are attracted to, and you cant really help that, i dont really consider that being labeled its just what you like. im definately love fashion, and thats how i dress. who i am.

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    Absolutely not! I've known I was a lesbian since I was 10 years old. I'm 18 now and couldn't be more girly. I'm such a femme (not really into labels either, but...) I've actually had people argue with me that I'm not gay! lol Most people don't believe me until they see me make out with my girlfriend. haha She gets the exact same thing. I guess we are just both so girly that people seem to have a problem believing we are gay. lol
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    I don't really like labels as well, but I discovered a few years ago, that maybe some people just dress or act a certain way, because they think they have to, to be accepted as gay...
    When I was still in school, a friend of mine couldn't be much more girlie, it just wasn't possible. She had her boyfriend for more then 4 years, was happy, and everything was great. Then, shortly after we left school, she told me she had broke up with ther bf and had a girlfriend now.
    From that day on, she drastically changed her outfits: she completely cutted her hair ( she had waist-lomg hair all these years), now she only wears baggy-jeans, always caps, she has piercings everywhere, stuff like that... She just is the walking image of a butch-lesbian now...
    So, thats what got me thinking that maybe it has something to do with discovering that you're gay or just with what people await from you...

    I hope you all understand what I mean. It's a little late here and I'm not sure just how good my english is at the moment.

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    Each to their own is what I say when it comes to dress. I don't have much choice when it comes to work uniform as we where the same as the guys but when its time to go out I just dress in whatever suits my mood. A dress maybe (not very often) , jeans and a shirt , boardshorts and flip flops ... If any are butch or femme at least I am comfortable and so should you be.
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