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  1. Ellen In The News

    Quote Originally Posted by alexg View Post
    NPH is hosting Oscars in 2015!... Apparently Ellen was asked and passed (also Julia Louis Dreyfus declined)....

    Anyway, NPH is great, he will do a good job

    NO Ellen.. NO Oscar
  2. 100 Pages of Something

    Quote Originally Posted by angela albini View Post
    Now i thougth God was not a juding god , I go to church Im christine but i watch Ellen is that wrong
    Ellen is a good and kind person and she helps those in need ... I love her and Portia because they make me feel better ... What is wrong?
    (I'm Christian and I go to church)[/QUOTE]
    love ellen and portia

    love her show thanks
  3. Chatbox online

    I installed a chatbox (see Chatbox Link in navigationbar).
  4. Forum Update 4.2.2

    Forum update (vBulletin Version 4.2.2) successfully done .

    New features are:
    - Facebook Connect (login with your Facebook account)
    - Blog
    - Gallery
    - Many improvements

    If you find errors, please post them into this thread.

    PS: This update is not the only update to our Ellen site/community. In the next weeks we'll update the whole website/portal with a new design.