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Ellen at American Idol

people.com reports: "While a new season of American Idol kicked off in Boston Tuesday night, Ellen DeGeneres has already started taping Hollywood week as a judge for talent search, which she called an “amazing time.” But she’s already dreading one aspect of her new job: telling contestants they won’t make the cut. “I don’t like that and I’m not that kind of person — because they have a name for a person who likes to hurt people’s feelings — it’s called ‘Simon,’” the talk show host said on an episode of her show set to air Wednesday.

Another small drawback for DeGeneres: not being able to tune in to the show anymore. “I couldn’t watch American Idol last night because I was busy working on American Idol last night,” she said.

DeGeneres also anticipates some changes in her nighttime routine as taping for the show continues. Usually I’m in bed by 9 p.m., seriously, or 9:15 p.m. if I’m feeling crazy, but last night we were there until today,” she says. “If they keep going like this, I’m going to have to put my pajamas on.”

But a sleepy-eyed DeGeneres says the excitement about her new position — and knowing the winners before anybody else does — makes all the late nights worth it. “If you have a good bookie let me know,” she said." – Blane Bachelor

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