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Portia #1 for 2009 hot 100

The 2009 AfterEllen.com Hot 100

What do you get for the woman who has everything? How about the crowning achievement of being No. 1 on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 list? Admittedly, things have already been going well for the Australian-born out actress, what with getting married to Ellen DeGeneres, starring in a new series (Better Off Ted) and signing on for the long-awaited Arrested Development movie. And its been a pleasure for all of her long-term queer fans to watch her embrace her status as a high-profile out performer.

While her gay marriage PSA on Jimmy Kimmell Live! was funny, her charming debut appearance on her wife's wildly popular talk show perhaps did more for gay visibility and gay rights than anything overtly "political" might have accomplished. Watching the obviously devoted DeGeneres playfully interview her wife, and even win a round of The Newlywed Game with her against a heterosexual couple, spoke quiet volumes about love, commitment, and true equality. Talent, smarts, looks and being out is clearly a winning combination.

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