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Ellen DeGeneres interviews Portia de Rossi

afterellen.com: "On The Ellen DeGeneres Show 16. March 2009, millions watched Ellen DeGeneres's much-touted interview with Portia de Rossi, star of the new ABC comedy Better Off Ted and the woman who "also happens to be my wife," as Ellen introduced her.

Ellen made Portia take off her shoes to show they were the same height ("That's the main reason I had you on the show, actually"), then announced it was their seven-month wedding anniversary and quizzed Portia on what it was like being married to her. Portia told stories about how no one knows who she is when they travel, because Ellen is so famous.

Then they talked about Better Off Ted, with Ellen making a funny point about Portia being drawn to play icy, insensitive characters, and Portia explaining she enjoys those roles because in real life she cares too much about what people think.

Ellen and Portia singing "I've Got You, Babe" together in the faux-bathroom."

Read the full article incl. videos at afterellen.com

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