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Ellen not allowed to use her own sitcom clips

Contactmusic.com: "U.S. chat show host Ellen DeGeneres has been refused access to clips from her own former sitcom "Ellen". The comedienne asked ABC/Disney bosses to let her show a segment from her old programme, which featured a guest appearance from actress Mariska Hargitay - and was told the footage was off limits. DeGeneres, who hit the headlines a decade ago when she 'came out' as a lesbian on the sitcom and in real life, was hoping to use the clip to show Hargitay when the Law + Order: Special Victims Unit star made her debut on the Ellen show on Friday (14. September 2007). She was a guest star on my original sitcom and it was a hilarious scene... I wanted to show it today... but Disney will not let me have any clips of my show to show, unless we pay a whole lot of money. "It was my show... We'd be advertising it, it would help them." Instead Ellen showed a clip of Hargitay in soap Falcon Crest, acting alongside the late Jane Wyman, who died earlier this week."

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