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Ellen and Portia set wedding date

Stuff.co.nz: "The couple - who have been together since December 2004 - revealed their intention to marry when same sex ceremonies were legalised in California last month.

Talk show host Ellen revealed she gave her lover a pink diamond engagement ring, adding: "We have set a wedding date." The 50-year-old star refused to reveal when it will take place, but did tell fans the ceremony will be broadcast on her show. Ellen says plans for "the dream wedding" to Portia, 35, are well underway. She added to People magazine: "Planning a wedding is very stressful. It is crazy. My gardener is now invited."

"I can't wait to be married. I feel like it is long overdue. And I think someday people will look back on this like women not having the right to vote and segregation and anything else that seems ridiculous like we all don't have the same rights.""

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